The NEW Portrait: Selfies in the mirror


The advent of mobile phone has had a significant impact on dating. Many profiles are no longer cultivated with professional photos, but with selfshot images and mirrored portraits.

A homemade selfie tells more about a womens character than a professional portrait may hide.

Do you like selfies on dating profiles? It is amazing how many people don’t care about professional images any more. On the contrary selfies may reveal a lot more about a person than their face. Observers pay attention to the background. It can reveal if the person is dedicated to cleanliness and order for example. Who would want to get involved with a woman if she can’t take good care of her surroundings? It may also reveal how narcissistic a person might be as in striking a naturally selfish pose as compared to a more staged portrait seen through the lens of a professional photographer.

What do you prefer for profile images? The photographer’s view or the selfie perspective?